Brides and grooms around the world are thanking their wedding guests with small gift items known as wedding favors.  The wedding favors can be almost anything that shows appreciation from the couple.  Some couples choose to make their own wedding favors; however, most brides buy their favors from professionals.  The most important aspect of the wedding favors is that it shows that you care and appreciate that your guests were able to attend your wedding.


There are many different kinds of wedding favors.  Here are some great ideas for choosing your favors:


Personalized Wedding Favors


Personalization adds that special personal touch to a wedding favor.  The bride and groom are able to customize their favor with their names and wedding date.  You can personalize almost any favor now, from chocolates to key chains to individual servings of olive oil!  Some companies can even print a special message such as “Thank you for sharing our special day!” on the back.  Adding the bride and grooms special, personalized touch adds sentimental reasons for their guests to remember that day.


Edible Favors


Everyone loves a special treat that they have never tried before.  What better way to say “you’re sweet” than with candies or chocolates!  There are numerous specialty treats you can purchase as favors for weddings.  Chocolate covered strawberries painted as a tuxedo and brides dress, cake pops hand decorated to match your wedding décor, or try a fancy bag full of the bride and grooms favorite childhood candies.  You can package these treats in a beautiful small box or bag for extra flair at the tables.


Flower Seeds


Flower seeds are becoming more and more popular as wedding favors.  There are so many creative ways to present flower seeds as favors!  You could personalize a small potato sack filled with seeds, try putting them in a small, plastic watering pot at each guest’s chair, or simply put a bag of flower seeds in a small, personalized clay pot.  Flower seed wedding favors are popular with guests because once planted, they are a constant, beautiful reminder of your wedding day!


Soaps and Beauty Product Favors


Beauty products are always a great gift!  Rose soap petals are beautifully scented and a great idea for wedding favors.  You can also find personalized champagne shaped bottles filled with bath gel that will really be a pop!  A heart shaped manicure set or a heart shaped compact mirror would surely be a hit with your guests.  Soaps and beauty wedding favors are great to be placed in the hotel rooms of your out of town guests.  This will give them a smile as they enter the room before or after the wedding reception!


Candle Wedding Favors


Both men and women can enjoy candle wedding favors.  Candles come in all shapes, colors, and themes. You can find candles in the shape of wedding cakes, hearts, or even bottles of wine.  Rose shaped candles are a sure hit with flower lovers.  Seashell gel candles are the perfect wedding favor for a beach themed or destination wedding.  A simple candle in a lovely, decorative candle holder would also work wonders as a favor.  There are so many different options on line to choose from, so choose a candle that matches your personalities or your wedding décor best!


Chrome and Metal Favors


Chrome wedding favors add a touch of elegance to any wedding.  A chrome wine stopper or bottle opener is a great way to show your appreciation with something that your wedding guests will be able to use in the future.  The chrome wedding favors may be a bit more expensive, but your guest will cherish them for years to come.


There are endless possibilities of favors!  The best idea is to think of something that represents the bride and groom and have fun with it!  This is a great way to provide a small token of thanks to each guest as they come to join in your wedding celebration!